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Interview: How Facebook Ads Expert, Ken Ndubisi is Helping Businesses Drive Sales

A few years ago, the social media we knew was just ‘social’. All we did was connect with family and friends through every available platforms we could find. Fast forward to 2018, it has evolved into a business hub, an advertising platform, and one of the best things that’s ever happen to businesses.

As more businesses are embracing digital, young Africans are taking advantage of the opportunity it presents, helping these businesses make the best use of digital media to drive sales.

We interviewed Ken Ndubisi, one of the young Nigerians making waves in the growing digital marketing space. He specialises in running Facebook adverts, and has so far ran highly effective ads for businesses in various industries. In this interview, he reveals more about what he does, the growing digital marketing industry and his journey into it.

Can We Meet You?

My name is Kenechukwu Ndubisi, I’m a 21-year-old graduate of Architecture from the University of Nigeria, I’m the first child out of a family of five children, I live in Lagos State, Nigeria.

I help businesses leverage the power of Facebook Ads to drive leads and sales. So far, I have been able to deliver amazing Facebook Ads results both for myself and for clients as well, helping them minimize ad spend while getting the maximum number of sales, downloads and clicks possible.

I am also the convener of Agency Blitz, a community dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, marketers and business professionals take their business to the next level with the help of Facebook Ads.

Tell Us About Your Journey into the Business of Digital Marketing

I’ve always been in love with the Internet and entrepreneurship.

Ever since I learned how to use a computer and browse the net, I made up my mind that this is what I wanted to do when I grow up. So naturally, my first course of choice when entering into the University was Computer Science. As fate would have it, I got admission for Architecture, so I figured instead of staying at home, I’ll just use that opportunity to get the degree. So, I went to school for Architecture, but I never killed my dream to be an entrepreneur.

While in school, I spent my extra time learning as much as I could about digital marketing and entrepreneurship. Around the time I was graduating, the concept of managing social media and running ads for small businesses was becoming very popular, so I began to research all I could about it. I spent my scholarship money learning how to run Facebook Ads. I remember being so broke that semester, worst of all, my ads didn’t convert and I ended up losing all the money.

I tried to get clients by cold emailing, door-to-door marketing,  but I wasn’t making headway.

It was around this time that I set up my community Agency Blitz so that other people that were interested in this stuff could come together and share ideas.

After lots of sleepless nights and spending quite a lot of money, I started seeing results and it hit me, “People need to see this!” I started putting out content together with screenshots of my results and strategies, and like they say the rest is history.

What’s the Unique Thing about Facebook That Piqued Your Interest to Become a Facebook Ads Expert?

When I started learning about digital marketing, I had a lot of mentors I was learning from and following. At the time, one thing that they all agreed on was that, “every business needs traffic” and “the best place to get traffic right now is by using Facebook Ads”. And I thought to myself, if this knowledge of Facebook Ads is something that every business needs, why is no-one focusing on it? They just tell you, “Run Facebook Ads” and then ask you to go watch tutorials on YouTube to learn how to set it up. The funny part was that people were willing to throw money into this thing, without even fully understanding it.

Also, I noticed there were people who specialized in different areas such as SEO, SEM, and others, but there was nobody really talking about Facebook Ads – and yet they were willing to spend money on it!

Another thing I fell in love with was the actionable data that using Facebook gives you access to. I was fascinated by the ability of being able to look at numbers on a screen and translate that into actual cash.

That’s when I decided to focus on Facebook Ads and become an expert at it.

What Has Been Your Most Exciting Experience with Facebook Ads?

I think every new campaign that I run brings a different level of excitement, so it’s pretty hard to pick one that has been the most exciting.

With that being said, one experience that stands out was a campaign that I ran for a dental office that generated over N100,000 in one weekend. We spent only about $20 on the campaign. That experience made me realize more than ever, the power of Facebook Ads, but more importantly, the fact that any business in any vertical can actually use this to make profits.

Since then, I’ve consulted and run ads for businesses ranging from skincare to weight loss, snail farming, web hosting, tech startups amongst others. It’s been a really exciting experience so far.

Why Do People Boost Posts on Facebook, But Don’t Make Sales in Return?

First off, you shouldn’t use the boost post option just like that. By using the boost post option, you are giving control of many unknown variables to Facebook. When running ads, you want to be in control of as many things as you can, starting from your location targeting, down to your budget. By using the boost post option, you hand over almost all control of your ad to Facebook, whose aim is to spend the money you give them.

The second reason is because people don’t naturally come on Facebook to buy stuff, they come to chat and have fun with friends and family, so your post should achieve a combination of two things – stand out and grab that attention while still blending in to maintain that user experience. If your content can’t do this successfully, you lose.

Notice I haven’t said anything about the sales part. Well, that’s because you shouldn’t be asking for the sale immediately you run an ad. It’s like going into a bar and asking the first girl you see to marry you; it doesn’t work that way. You have to build rapport first. Your audience has to trust you before they commit to your business with their cash. That’s why every business should have a solid system for collecting, nurturing and retaining customers. That’s the engine of your business. Facebook Ads is the fuel powering that engine.

What Advice Do You Have for Brands and Social Media Managers Struggling with Facebook Ads at the Moment?

Running Facebook Ads used to be as simple as just setting up a page and clicking “Create New Ad”, but as more and more people begin to utilize the platform, ad costs are going to get higher and competition will get tougher.

As a brand or social media manager looking to explode your business using Facebook Ads, you can’t just throw in money and expect it to return profits. You have to know what you are doing.

Now because many people are not going to know what they are doing at first, it’s good to set aside a percentage of your Facebook Ad budget that will be used solely for testing.

When you do this, you’ll make mistakes faster and be able to resolve them much faster, instead of waiting till it’s too late.

How Do You See the Future of Digital Marketing in Nigeria?

These are very good times for the industry; people are becoming more involved and brands are noticing and stepping up their game. Nevertheless, there’s still very big room for improvement.

Will You Be Floating a Digital Marketing or Facebook Ads Company in the Future?

Yes, I will! It’s in the works already.

How Can People Who Would Like to Learn How to Make the Best of Every Dime They Invest on Facebook Ads Reach You?

The fastest place to reach me will be through my Facebook group AgencyBlitz  – or through email at

You can also reach me via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @thekenndubisi

For anyone who’d like to learn how to effectively use Facebook Ads, I’ve created a free ebook that’ll help you get started. You can get it here:

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