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How to Start a Consulting Business

It’s not just everyone that can go into the Consulting Business, it’s for people with a special skill set. You must be able to analytically look at a business and be able to proffer solutions. Your analytical skills must be topnotch. You must be able to see beyond the surface level.

So, when people are saying “wow, that company has folded up”, you should be able to go further and say why it folded up.

  • You must grow your ability to ask questions. To ask the right questions. You must always question things. You must never just take any explanation. You must be inquisitive.
  • You must not just accept all the answers that everyone else is giving. You must be able to go deeper.
  • You must love data. You must be able to read and analyze data.

So, last year, a company sold 300units, and this year, they sold 400units. Don’t just say “wow, that’s God’s grace at work”. Nooo, yes, God’s grace is there. But, as an analyst. Your work is to know what exactly caused the spike in sales. You must love numbers.

If you hate data, please go and and start loving it.

  • You must know how to sell knowledge.

If you don’t know how to sell knowledge, you’ll never make money from consulting. So, you must learn how to package and present knowledge, so that people would be interested in it and want to pay for it

As a consultant, you’d solve problems. You must be sharp. You must be smart. You must be very articulate. Your thought process must be impeccable.

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