Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Here are Things to Consider When Choosing a Co-working Space

Co-working spaces are becoming popular around Africa, affording entrepreneurs instant networking and opportunities.  They also gives SMEs and entrepreneurs access to all the facilities of conventional office spaces without the cost of office rent.

Co-working enables people to work independently in a space with shared values and a defined culture.

To experience these benefits, however, you might need to keep a few factors in mind when searching for a co-working space.


Location is very important, even for co-working spaces. You need to consider picking a place that’s easily accessible. You also must consider how the location could affect your team and customers as well.


As a business owner, it’s very important to stick to your budget. You don’t want to spend more money on a co-working space than you would spend when you would be renting an office space in a commercial building. So, it’s best to look for a space with a reasonable price that fits your budget.

Make sure to ask about additional charges for amenities and perks like printing, kitchen access and snacks, phones, internet, and any other amenities.


Do they close in the evening or they are open 24/7? Make sure to inquire about the hours of access before committing to a co-working space. Most spaces are open 24/7, but some others have adopted the traditional office hours.

If you enjoy working late or need flexible access to your space, then you should consider a co-working space with 24 hours access.

Networking and Education

When searching for a working space, You need to consider choosing a co-working space that offers numerous educational and networking opportunities for you and your team.

Good co-working spaces offer weekly or monthly training and networking events for start-ups in their space, giving you plenty of opportunities to learn, market your brand and develop yourself and team in the process.

The advantage of such shared working spaces is that they offer you endless opportunities to learn and connect with others.


It is advisable to go for a space with top level security, a space you feel secure leaving your work overnight, so make sure to always check what the security protocols are and whether your selected space of choice takes specific security measures.

Perks and Amenities

Many co-working spaces provide things like free tea and coffee, others offer perks like lunch areas, gym areas, game rooms, outdoor areas for working and even nap rooms. Some are kitted with standard office equipment.

Make sure to ask about anything extra, like conference facilities, phone rooms, projectors, private spaces or anything else.

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