Saturday, June 22, 2024
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GazHub Wants to Help Nigerians Refill their Gas Cylinders Seamlessly

A lot of Nigerians can attest to the fact that trying to refill a cooking gas cylinder can be very stressful. The thought of getting to a gas station and waiting on queues or carrying an already refilled gas cylinder back home from the station can be very discouraging, especially when you are not mobile.

Gazhub is an on-demand gas cylinder refilling platform in Abuja that is trying to solve this problem.

The startup was founded by Nurudeen Mohammed, and according to him, “Gazhub was borne out a painful experience. My wife was cooking and suddenly ran out cooking gas. She called me while I was in the office and was caught in between abandoning my urgent work or go hungry. With a few months baby at home, it was inconvenient for her to step out of the house to buy cooking gas. I suddenly remembered a familiar cab man whom we often use occasionally and rang him to inquire if he was close by to help me buy cooking gas. Luckily, he was within my proximity. I gave him money and added a tip . He picked up the cylinder at home, refilled at the closest gas plant and dropped off at home. He called to inform me he has completed the errand. I was like wow, this is stress free and convenient. I suddenly said to myself, I can actually build a business model that can alleviate the pains of others . I was submerged in deep thoughts on how to create the strategic goals. I came up with the power of proximity and networking that gave birth to Gazhub.”

The platform makes it very easy for customers to place orders by just visiting the website,, they sign up and follow the simple steps. Customers select what they need from the available options, which include cooking gas refill, purchase new gas cylinder, cylinder accessories or servicing of gas cookers.

Gazhub offers two types of delivery options, same day delivery and 90 minutes express delivery, which mean they’ll have it delivered to their door within 90 minutes. Customers can also call their customer care lines directly to make orders. Payment options are also flexible, with customers having the option of either making direct bank transfers or pay cash on pick up.

Although Gazhub is not the first in this space, as there’s Kiakia Gas offering similar service, its solution which is currently available to Abuja residents is one that a lot of Nigerians would find very useful.

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