Saturday, June 22, 2024
Meet the Founder

Femi Okunlola is Connecting Nigerians to Medical Practitioners through MediServe

As technology improves every day, new developments also spring up. Recently, there has been a massive breakthrough in information gathering, research, treatments and communications has given healthcare providers in African countries new tools to work with and fresh ways to practice medicine.

Femi Okunlola is one of the Nigerian Tech enthusiasts that has decided to bridge the wide gap between creating a solution that enables more people to use the internet to research their medical issues and not just for looking up their symptoms but to also explore medicines and treatments on the web.

He is the founder of Mediserve, a tech-medical platform founded in 2016 to help Nigerians diagnose ailments online, have a clear understanding of their condition and schedule hospital visits if need be.

These patients are also encouraged to come back to the portal to rate the overall services of the medical institutions.

MediServe is a smart solution aimed at creating the very missing Health Information system in Nigeria. It is a comprehensive directory of Medics, Specialist, Surgeons, Private Health Centers, Primary Healthcare Centers around the country. Since its launch in 2017, the feedback for the platform from Nigerian Tech professionals and Healthcare professionals has been quite positive.

When asked about what motivated him to create the platform, Femi said, “I realized that the lack of access to information on good healthcare providers in Nigeria is a massive and growing problem. I did some research and also found out that the healthcare system in Nigeria is seriously lagging behind many industries in harnessing the capabilities of IT to improve services, knowledge, communication, outcomes, quality and efficiency”

Technology in healthcare delivery service is evolving pretty fast, and the prospect of a virtual doctor visit becoming accepted as a traditional office appointment is one of the expectations for the entire medical industry, and this exactly is what MediServe provides.

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