Egypt’s Swvl is Revolutionizing the Public Transportation System in Africa

Swvl is a premium alternative to public transportation in Egypt. The startup founded by Mostafa Kandil in 2017 allows users to book fixed rate affordable rides on their existing routes through the Swvl app. It makes means of transportation easier for citizens as it provides affordable, quality, convenient and reliable everyday bus rides.

Its mode of operation involves users indicating their destination, then proceeding to choose time and route and eventually booking the ride. The startup guarantees the avoidance of rush hours, traffic, terrible driving habits and unavailable parking spots.

The idea was birthed from an observation of the amount of time people spend on the road and the waste of limited resources; time, space and money. The founder questioned the status quo of people depending so much on their cars which adds to the pain of high cost of on-demand services.

Swvl is improving the transportation standard by revolutionizing the transportation scene by providing a technology-based alternative to public transportation, a smart solution that solves the transportation equation, leading to helping more commute at a lesser cost with ease and comfort.

It is a revolutionary idea born from sheer passion to solve one of the challenges that is posed to the African economy, to encourage the contribution of youth in innovation and to also inspire change.

The startup has recently partnered with the American automotive giant Ford to provide Ford Transit minibus as the preferred vehicle of choice on Swvl routes by offering competitive lending rates to operators.

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