Saturday, March 2, 2024
Startups in Africa

Doctoora Wants to Give Patients Easy Access to Doctors & Health Care Facilities in Nigeria

A good number of Nigerian hospitals have over the years been a nightmare for patients.

The government pays little attention to buying and maintaining health care facilities in the country. Also, the cost of setting up a private practice is very high and that has been a discouraging factor for healthcare professionals. This has prompted healthcare practitioners and patients alike, to travel abroad, seeking access to better healthcare.

Doctoora is here with a solution to all of these problems. It is an online platform, which connects healthcare professionals to quality healthcare facilities and connecting healthcare consumers to qualified healthcare professionals.

Doctoora allows access to quality healthcare service, which they say is a right to every individual. The platform connects users with health care professionals and available medical facilities around the country, with an aim to make it easier and convenient to consult with a doctor or health professional whenever and wherever.

According to the co-founder, Dr. Debo Odulana, “we view healthcare as a social good with great economic impact and recognize the importance of an holistic approach towards achieving and maintaining good health. To this end, it is imperative that we adopt new care models and attempt to integrate our health and care services so, we are asking for your assistance with this.”

Yapili, Icare and Mediosa are startups in this space, trying to solve a similar problem.

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