Saturday, June 22, 2024
Startups in Africa

Cuddle Realty is Helping Nigerians Create Wealth via Real Estate Co-ownership

A Nigerian technology company, Cuddle Realty, has launched an innovative online real estate platform to make millions of Nigerians financially independent through co-owning properties.

The platform offers an exclusive opportunity to build long-lasting wealth through co-ownership, leveraging technology and experience with a combination of expertise and strategic relationships for best deals tilted towards achieving financial freedom for millions of citizens.

A co-founder/Head of Sales and Marketing, Fabian George, stated that, “Cuddle is for the misinformed and marginalised persons, who take sustainable wealth building as a priority.”

He recalled that in the past, the conversation about real estate was for the one per cent of the Nigerian population adding that right now, with his establishment’s intervention, the other 99 percent could begin talking about real estate.


“If you look at the statistics of those who don’t own a property, it is very much. At least, one hundred and eighty four million Nigerians out of 200 million population do not own a property. That’s how large the statistics are. So we are bringing a solution to help people own a property starting from what they have without breaking the bank. You ask people when they would love to buy a property, they will tell you, maybe in the next five years, I will be able to save up to buy a 3 million naira property. By the time they save up to buy the property, that property had already appreciated to maybe 5 or 10 million. They would have to wait to save up again. So the solution we are bringing is solving the time gap. You don’t have to wait for five years, ten years before you own a property. You can own a property now.”

According to another of the co-founders who happens to be the  company’s Chief Executive Officer John Igbinosa, they are trying to change the narrative in Africa in terms of real estate, getting Africans to own African properties.

He said, “At Cuddle, we have licensed professionals. So we don’t just run on passion alone. We have the expertise and certificate to practice what we are passionate about. For example, our surveyors are licensed, our structural engineers are licensed, we have architects licensed and they all come with years of experience that make them major players in the decision making process of acquiring properties.”

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