Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Startups in Africa

Cliptize is Changing the Classroom Narrative in Africa

Cliptize is the world’s first assignment portal, it is a free tool that motivates students to study ahead of their teachers. It gives educators the superpower to convert any online video or webpage to a class assignment by attaching their own questions to it. It is basically a tool that educators are using to get their class to study about the next topic, so they are mentally and psychologically prepared for the next class.

With Cliptize assignments, educators do not need to go through the stress of scoring students one after the other, as students are automatically scored and their performance, both individually and as a group is automatically analyzed and displayed to the teacher. Students are required to watch the video or read the content of the webpage before attempting the questions.

One big advantage of this type of assignments is, Educators can share them totally offline, during classes. They do this simply by giving the class a ‘keyword’, which is a word or phrase, for instance, the topic of the class may be ‘History of Algebra’ or ‘Continents’ etc. Once students go on the website and type in ‘History of Algebra’, the teacher’s assignment automatically pops out for students to perform and submit.

However, these keywords are sensitive, ‘Fish” for example is completely different from ‘fish’. But, it comes in handy for students who do not own a personal phone, as they can use any phone or laptop they find at home without the need to sign up or login. It also gives parents the opportunity to keep up with what their kids are being taught in school.

Asides the importance of the assignments that help students build solid foundation before the topic is taught, this whole idea completely changes the class dynamics, from passive learning to active learning. Now, students ask the right questions and can explain what they understand from the assignment.

Cliptize is designed to be very easy to use as it aims to be used by students as early as in Nursery schools. Cliptize is supported by most websites and actively runs on YouTube, although the founders are currently working on supporting other video platforms apart from YouTube.

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