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Call for Innovation Proposals: Regional Health Innovation Exchange 2019 Africa Event

Application Deadline: 15 September 2019.

The event is planned for November-December 2019, with exact dates and location to be confirmed. Participation in the event will involve showcasing your innovation at a Health Innovation Marketplace, with possible participation in pitch sessions, panel discussions, workshops and/or site visits.

The innovator will be expected to be present throughout the event. The innovator will be responsible for organizing and covering any travel and accommodation costs, with a limited number of stipends available to selected innovators from low and lower middle-income countries. Participation in the event will give innovators access to a variety of global health leaders, decision makers, investors and innovators.

In this context, innovations mean new or improved solutions for the health needs of individuals and populations that create value such as better health outcomes, improved efficiency, increased protection of human rights etc. They can be products or technologies, as well as improved service delivery models, policies etc.

For this event, we are specifically looking for innovations that have potential to create impact towards health-related SDGs, including on HIV, TB, Hepatitis B & C and other major health challenges faced by Africa, and provide solutions for:

• Diagnostics • Treatment • Last mile delivery and access to services • Integration of health services • Health information and research • Human resources for health • Health infrastructure, including sustainable energy solutions • Supply chain and delivery systems • Digital and electronic health management • Financial innovation • Health needs of refugees, returnees and internally displaced persons

The submissions need to meet the following criteria:

1. Innovation: The solution must clearly be an innovation, i.e. an invention or a clearly improved product/service;

2. Values: The solution promotes the realization of the right to health, freedom from stigma and discrimination gender equality and other human rights norms and principles in its design and intended impact;

3. Potential for impact: The solution should have the potential to deliver positive health and rights outcomes;

4. Feasibility: The solution should have clear potential for successful implementation in a sustainable manner;

5. Usability: The solution should demonstrate evidence of ease of use, replicability and durability. The selection of innovations will be made based on a review by a group of experts against the criteria above.

Innovations that will not be selected for the events but that are highly rated may be offered the opportunity to be included on the Health Innovation Exchange website. Participation in the event and/or inclusion on the Health Innovation Exchange does not equal endorsement of the innovation by the Health Innovation Exchange or UNAIDS.

Please fill in the form below and submit your proposal by clicking the button at the end of the form. In addition to the responses below, you can also opt to send us a 1-minute video explaining the innovation.

The video can be shot with any mobile phone or camera device and can simply be a short pitch of the idea, or a short promotional video providing answers to the following: • What problem does the innovation solve?

• What is the innovation and how does it work?

• What are you looking for to take your innovation forward?

Please send a link to your video to

The deadline for submissions is 15 September 2019.

For any questions, please email:

To find out more about the Health Innovation Exchange, go to

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Regional Health Innovation Exchange 2019

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