Alex Mwaura Muriu is Connecting Investors to Small-scale African Agripreneurs.

Alex Mwaura Muriu is a social entrepreneur and Founder of Farm Capital Africa , a well-developed risk sharing agri-business funding model with a vision to generate wealth in Africa through investing in profitable business ventures in the underfunded agricultural sector.

By providing an alternative to bank loans, Muriu helps African farmers overcome major challenges, such as accessing funds during the planting and harvesting seasons and distributing their produce to buyers.

This initiative identifies, screens and shortlists full-time farmers with small holdings and helps them devise farming plans to attract potential investors who earn profits over time.

It serves as a viable solution to address the inability of committed, small scale African “agripreneurs” who lack collateral and credit history to access traditional financing.

It is also an attractive farming initiative and investment option for those with extra capital, benefiting both small scale farmers and investors.

Alex is a creative problem solver, always seeking to generate more value for humanity through research, ideation, solution design, prototyping & testing. He studied Computer Science and currently specializes in Financial Services.

Muriu’s bold optimism and innovative approach has set him apart over the years. “Show me a poor African, and I’ll show you someone who can achieve wonders with a little support. I believe what Africa needs is less aid and more investment,” he writes on his profile for Farm Capital Africa.

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