Sunday, April 21, 2024
Meet the Founder

Abdellah Mallek is Facilitating Startups Creation in Algeria

Abdellah Mallek is the digital hero of modern 21st century Africa. He is also referred to as the Mark Zuckerberg of Algeria. The 28 years old African entrepreneur is the founder of the first private startup accelerator in Algeria called Sylab.

Sylab is a co-working creation space and talent accelerator company located in downtown Algiers that makes startups art, technology and help entrepreneurs to promote creativity and talent development.

Abdellah graduated from Hourari Boumedian university of science and technology. He studied applied mathematics and also did his Msc. in operation research from the same institution.

Before founding Sylab, Abdellah already had two failed startups. He founded a student tutoring network and an e-tourism network after high school. But his passion for networking didn’t deter him from further pursuits.

His ability to connect with other members of Algiers web community and his desire to ensure that young Algerians are well equipped with necessary tools to leapfrog their entrepreneurship skills and increase their employability level led him back to creating an avenue for such aspiring entrepreneurs and prospective clients to connect.

Sylab’s most important achievement so far has been its ability to build an entrepreneurship community where there previously wasn’t one. “Not only have we also helped so many startups connect with big clients but we have also succeeded in attracting important stakeholders to the tech and entrepreneurship hub. He said.

Abdellah is also the co-founder of startup Algeria, one of the developers and organizers of BeMyApp events, a radio host and producer of JOW radio, A radio program that focuses on entrepreneurs in collaboration with Sylab.

His main goal is to increase the number of entrepreneurs and further support local entrepreneurs and startups by offering more projects and initiatives to develop their skills and ideas.

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