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5 Kenyan Founders You Should Know

It is undeniable that Kenya is one of the leading African countries when it comes to entrepreneurship as young entrepreneurs are changing the face of Kenya through unique innovations and are putting the country on the global business map.

Here are 5 exceptional Kenyan entrepreneurs we think you should know:

1. Mubarak Muyika

Mubarak Muyika is the founder of Zagace Limited. He is a Silicon-valley-based entrepreneur known for founding his first company at 16 and selling it out two years later in a six-figure deal.

He is also the founder of Zagace Enterprise Software, which is a provider of customized business solutions to organizations and firms.

You can read more about Mubarak Muyika here:

2. Ronak Shah

Ronak Shah is the founder of Kronex Chemicals Ltd. A fast-growing company manufacturing low-cost household cleaning products such as dishwashing liquids and multipurpose detergent for Kenya’s lower-class citizens at an affordable price.

Read more about him here:

3. Joel Mwale

Joel is the founder of Skydrop Enterprises, a company that produces milk, purified drinking water and other dairy products at an affordable cost to the middle class in Kenya.

4. Kennedy Kitheka

Kennedy Kitheka is the founder of Funda; an online education platform that provides university students with ways of accessing course material at an affordable price.

5. Catherine Mahugu

Catherine Mahugu is a seasoned techpreneur, software engineer and an advocate of independent ICT for social innovation and development consultant, changemaker, youth empowerment champion and also a strong advocate for gender equality and equity.

She is the Co-founder of Soko; an online destination platform for shoppers to discover stunning handcrafted accessories from all over the world and purchase them directly from designers and artisans.

You can read more about Catherine Mahugu here:

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