Saturday, June 22, 2024
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5 Businesses You can Start with your Smartphone

Initially, phones were introduced to easy up communication through calls. However, with improvement and upgrade on phones, smartphones evolved and its usage has widened to continuously allow socialization spread across the globe.

Specifically, smartphones have grown to become business tools, with which people invest, work and get paid right from the comfort of their homes.

Through it, many have created multiple streams of income for themselves, and even started businesses with little or no capital. It is definitely time to start earning with your smartphone.

Here are some businesses you can start with your smartphone and with little or no capital:

Real estate agency

Real estate is currently the new gold-mine and a lot of people are looking to invest in it. The people who make the investment process easier by helping to locate, sell, and buy landed properties and buildings are the real estate agents and the beautiful thing is they also deal in rents and leases.

To start this with your smartphone, just link up with people that have properties they want to sell or rent out, take pictures of such properties, circulate through your social media and one-on-one marketing and lastly, have good marketing and negotiating skills.

The more the deals, the more commission you get.

Online retailing

Buying and selling is really not a new business but it is definitely one which you can do with your smartphone and without capital.

Decide first what you want to sell, locate the market or wholesales seller you intend to buy from, get pictures of the products, push out on your social media and engage in one-on-one marketing.

Get bulk orders and their payments, buy and supply their products and smile to the bank.

Social media managing

It is no news that the social media is one platform every business that intends to thrive must effectively make use of, and It definitely is a cheaper form of advertisement.

However, running an active and effective business account requires time, diligence, creativity, good relational skills and a lot more.

You can get paid just by helping business owners create and maintain a strong online presence via their social media accounts, through your smartphone. And interestingly, you get paid for your time and data.

Freelance writing

In simple terms, this is the act of writing for other people and getting paid for it. This is definitely one job you can do right from the comfort of your home and the good news is it is that you could work for several clients at the same time, thereby earning from several sources.

As a freelancer, you can either generalise or specialize your writings. However, your good writing skill, ability to deliver a job in time, good command of language and good content among other things would help you stand out as a freelancer.

CV/Resume writing

Few jobs, many available hands and the competition to be employed is on the high. This is definitely why anyone applying for a job aims to submit a CV or Resume that would impress their potential employer and get them the job.

Paying for this service is one they would gladly do, thus, making money for anyone who is vast and skilled in CV or Resume writing.

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