Sunday, April 21, 2024
Meet the Founder

13-year-old O’Neil Shallangwa wants to Improve the Saving Culture in Nigeria

O’Neil Shallangwa is a 13-year old entrepreneur resident in Nigeria. He is the founder of iSave Nigeria, a commercial venture that sensitizes people on the importance of financial independence and discipline with the use of modern and creative handmade wooden boxes.

iSave Nigeria was founded in July 2018, initially motivated because O’Neil wanted to fix his PS4 by saving his lunch break money, but eventually, he invested this money into buying saving boxes instead and then resold them, making profits from them. He constantly inspires others that anything is achievable, that by spending less, you get to save more.

Fully motivated by the urge to help others, O’Neil recently started donating part of his profits from the sale of these boxes to Dorcas Foundation to help children battling cancer.

O’Neil juggles being an entrepreneur and humanitarian with being a student at Radiance High School, Festac town – Lagos. However, even though juggling all these together has been quite challenging for him, he has been able to cope and go through it thrift the support from his parents.

When asked about his brand, he said, ‘as a brand, I believe we are giving back to everyone the power to be able to manage their finances using locally sourced wood’.

He hopes to be recognized as a leading piggy-bank brand globally. He also has a fantastic customer service and he’s a constant inspiration that living our dreams is achievable by hardwork.

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